Dunnville August 6th HOLIDAY MONDAY

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Dunnville August 6th HOLIDAY MONDAY

Postby dip on Thu Jul 19, 2007 4:54 pm


We are holding a FULL DAY 9-5 Track day on August 6th.
Its the holiday monday, so none of you can use the excuse that your working.
For the full day the price is $120 per car, with a $25 charge for a second driver.
Im going to do my best this time to cap it at 35 cars.
We will also run groups of fast cars and slow cars so that people dont get run down by mean lookin GTRs, S14s, 944s and FDs continuously.

I will also do my best to get a BBQ out so we can have a hot lunch on site. we will have to charge a bit for food, buck a burger or something...

Im working on setting up some sort of a reliable timing system and we will see about a prize for the fastest car...

Day is a go rain or shine
I would greatly appreciate it if everyone could be there by 8:45 at the latest so that I can run a proper drivers meeting.

Please visit the website for rules and further details.

and if you would like to sign up please email me at dipstrackdays at hotmail.com

Wanna race? Take it to the track - http://www.dipstrackdays.com
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