Got 240 or car related stuff lying around? One persons trash is another persons treasures!

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Postby Nismo on Tue Dec 09, 2003 3:41 pm

Dec 9, 2003

User intros will no longer be required in the classified section. It is open to the public to sell whatever they need to sell.

Moderaters will decide weather the item should remain here or not.

Please provide all information when posting something for sale. This includes pictures, price and description. If information is lacking you will be informed by PM to fix the item. If the item is not fixed within 24 hours it will be deleted from the forum.

Happy buying and selling.

NEO Admin.
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Postby 13th-Angel on Fri Mar 19, 2004 11:48 am

UPDATE: 19/03/04

Please note when posting a classified ad you must post with the following tags before you post a message:

FS - for sale
LF - looking for
WTB - Want to buy

also please note, the classified section DOES NOT require you to sign up for the boards. If you are posting to make a quick sale and do not intent to join discussion on the board, do not sign up for the NEO forums. You can post as a guest but PLEASE you MUST give contact information such as:

- Name
- Email
- Phone number

and other contact information that you may want to disclose so that people who are interested can actually contact you for inform. It may be pretty easy in idea but we have had cases where people simply forget.

Thanks and best of luck with selling your new or used goods!

NEO Admin.
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