VQ-T swapped Lada 2107 - Build Thread

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VQ-T swapped Lada 2107 - Build Thread

Postby Nismo on Tue Mar 01, 2011 2:52 pm

Definitely a creative build.


I dare you to read this without thinking Hungarian accent in your brains!


I'm new here and I'm looking for tech info about the VQ35DE and I also want to show my car. I think you never see a car like this! My english isn't perfect, but I'm going to write down everything, how I can.

It's a Lada 2107


I will put up lost of pictures about the history of my car.

In Hungary noone tune the VQ35DE, just me , so I don't know what is the maximum power what the engine can make for long time, the oem block and crankshaft. I read a lot about this engine and I find 900HP for the block and the crankshaft. But on other pages 900HP only with Darton sleeves.
My plan is two GT3582 on 17PSI and I think it will be around 800-900HP. Can the block and the crankshaft make this power? I have lots of other parts what will be need for this power, I'm writing it down soon.

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